Cormex customizes solutions for all of our clients, from the beginning stages of project design to the final definition of the format, style and frequency of the deliverable.

What we do includes:
Custom media analysis reports

Cormex Reports balance quantitative and qualitative analysis that clearly communicate emerging trends, factors of public profile, and the effectiveness of initiatives, where they're working, and why. Our format includes an appropriate mix of charts and graphs and easy-to-follow text. Our reports are designed to be distributed, read and incorporated into management and decision-making — whatever the structure or size of the organization. They inform strategy, guide tactics and provide feedback. Whether our clients choose to have their results delivered through PowerPoint or Flash-based presentation, spreadsheets, custom-built websites or published reports, Cormex has the flexibility to meet all needs.

Digial analytics platforms

Cormex offers clients 24/7 access to their data through a secure web portal. Highlighting trends in both mainstream and social media, the analytics platform provides a Data Window and a Story Window which together allow users to view key metrics and click on graph elements for further detail. Each analytics platform is custom-designed to present the specific metrics and filters requested by our clients.

BlackBerry blasts

Cormex offers a BlackBerry-designed daily update of key events, issues and topline metrics of coverage. The Cormex BB reports feature hyperlinks to mainstream news and social media items, groups news items based on categories specified by the client, and alerts them to any hot-button stories or issues. Quantitative data in the form of quick charts provide clients with a 'temperature check' of the day's coverage in terms of tone and other variables they select.

Correlation analysis

Cormex has unique expertise in working with both media and public opinion data in order to identify patterns of relationship between key variables. These reports add significant value to the investment made in public and media research at client organizations.