About Us

Cormex has long established itself as a leading media research resource in Canada. The Cormex approach is built on five proven principles:

Grey and knowing is a good thing.

Founded in 1989, Cormex has been in the business of media research for more years than any firm in Canada. Our president, Andrew Laing, is one of the country's most experienced researchers in this field, and leads a proven team of analysts. We have worked with clients from virtually every business sector, and from every region framed by Canada's three oceans.

Quality is distilled from quantity.

The Cormex team monitors the broadest range of media possible. Mainstream and social. Canadian and global. In more than twenty languages. We leverage our size and experience to give you high-quality, low-cost results.

Good outcomes are shaped by good input.

Cormex uses the most advanced techniques to evaluate media and connect it to objectives. We test and retest our data for quality, validity and reliability. Results are linked to audience reach and impact. We employ both computerized text algorithms for more basic variables, and a staff of experienced, human coders for tone and more complex variables.

Cookie cutters are for cookies.

No two clients are alike. At Cormex, the approach is to have our clients tell us what they need, rather than us telling them what they can get. We customize our solutions for each client from the bottom up, including sample design, variables, measures, reports and dashboards.

Thinking and caring can not be mechanized.

As our clients know, receiving reports and data is one thing, but having access to a dedicated researcher behind every project who knows their business and responds quickly and accurately to their requests is a difference that matters.